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ATcicJ Testimonials

Revelation 12:11 declares "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

Mother Harris' Testimony

As the Prophetess of ATcicJ Ministries, I had the privilege of hearing a testimony about a particular supernatural experience that Apostle Michealangelo Harris had with the Lord Jesus. This experience was witnessed by Mother Harris. She described this awesome, supernatural experience to the congregation of ATcicJ Ministries on a few occasions before going home to be with Jesus in March 2007.

What I remember most about her describing this event was that as she spoke, it was like she was reliving what happened that night. Her face turned red, she began to cry in terror all over again and she cried each time she told the congregation the story. It was so strange to see her telling the story because we could actually see the terror on her face and all who were there certainly knew she was telling the truth.

This shared account will be spoken in first person by Apostle M. Harris, and can also be confirmed by many members of ATcicJ Ministries, and is documented as follows:

In the Month of February 2002, the Lord Jesus revealed to me (Apostle Harris) in a vision, that Mother Harris was praising him in her car while on the way home from church service and that the reason he did not desire for me to attend service on that evening was because the time had come to reveal to her that I was not just her son, but his Apostle.

As she entered the house, she was calling my name and saying, “Baby, let me tell you what happened on this evening.” So, we sat down at the dinner table, and she immediately began to share with me how crystals and gold dust were falling in her lap at church and the gold dust was appearing on her hands and even as she was speaking crystals and gold dust began to materialize right there in front of her on the table where we sat. She began to yell with excitement and say, “See, see, that’s what I’m talking about, that’s what happened, look!” And at that very moment, I was instructed by the Lord to get up from the table and to go and get my prayer pad, while simultaneously I saw myself in a vision worshipping the Lord in the living room on my knees.

So, I immediately got up and Mother Harris asked me, “Where are you going?” I replied that I was instructed to go into worship immediately, and so I did! And that’s when the sound started, the sound of many soldiers marching. As I kneeled down on my prayer pad in front of the open fireplace in the living room facing the direction where she was sitting at the table, I did exactly what I saw in the vision, and I extended my arms up, palms open facing heaven and I begin to sing in tongues, and worship the Lord and Mother Harris begin to worship likewise with her eyes closed and saying, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” while yet sitting at the table. As she said this over and over, she got louder and louder.

I felt the presence of God come upon me with my eyes closed and I felt feather light as if I was floating. While my eyes were closed, and my head and my arms were lifted up to Heaven, I saw the house fill up with heavenly angels; dressed in white robes with gold sashes around their waist; marching in a single file from the back kitchen area of the house.

As the angels reached the dining room, they began to walk straight toward me, while some split off, every other one doing right and left flanks as they were marching to other parts of the house. The angels that kept straight marched past Mother Harris and continued to come toward me in the living room. Although my eyes were closed and I was kneeling on my prayer pad in the living room, facing Mother Harris at the dinner table, I could see all the rooms of the house without moving or turning my head. I could see that the front foyer behind me, the entire living room, bedrooms, attic, and basement were full of the Lord’s angels. When they reached their locations, the marching stopped, and they stood very still.

At the very moment when the angels filled the house, my natural singing voice changed to a heavenly voice, and I knew it was not me. When Mother Harris heard this, she said she opened her eyes and was speechless because my entire face was glowing white. She said I had no color in my face at all and she became very afraid, even terrified. This is when she began to call: “Son, are you okay?”

As she was calling for me, I could faintly hear her because the Lord had taken me out my body to the outside of the house. Being escorted on the left and the right by two holy angels to the right front corner of the property, I was hovering 50-75 feet above the ground, and I could see holy angels yet filling up the property, even the roof top of the house and the garage. The Lord’s angels filled every inch of the property including the porch, grass, backyard, and driveway, but only on Mother Harris's property, nowhere else in the area.

Then I was taken back inside where my eyes were yet closed, and I saw Heaven open, and I heard the Lord talking to me and I responded in tongues. Then he told me to look at the fireplace. And I looked at the fireplace with my eyes still closed, then he told me to open my eyes and a gold toned hand with a white linen sleeve of a robe with gold trimming on the edge of it came out of the fireplace. The Lord said, “Take my hand and come up thither, I have much to reveal to you” and I took his hand. When I took his hand I felt love, peace, and joy in abundance. It was all so very astonishing at the time, so much to process.

All the while this was going on Mother Harris was still calling me. I heard her yelling, “Baby, baby, baby, are you okay, are you alright!” over and over again. The Lord released my hand, and his arm went up the chimney and the holy angels standing throughout the whole house just disappeared. Then I looked at her and she had tears on her face and blood shot red eyes from crying. Due to her hysteria and beating on the table with her fist, I got up off my prayer pad and I went and consoled her. Everything was back to normal. I asked her, “Are you alright? Are you okay? Everything is going to be alright, be at peace.” 

Then she put her hand on her chest where her heart was and I went and poured her a glass of water, and I begin to explain to her everything.

In closing, as an eyewitness of Mother Harris' testimony and a Prophetess of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would like to say, Mother Harris told the congregation, the reason she was hysterical was because she thought Apostle Harris was dying when his faced turned completely white that evening. This testimonial was added to Apostle Harris' Book Called of God at 264 km/h (165 mph)!

M.I.T. Kelli McCarty

I desire to thank The Lord Yeshua for saving my life! I desire to thank the Lord Yeshua for my salvation. Prior to coming to ATcicJ Ministries I suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and having to take medication daily. I remember being nervous if I ran out of medication. Apostle/Prophet Michealangelo Harris, a true Man of God, Convening Authority, and obedient servant of the Lord Yeshua, laid hands on me on 7 August 2022 at Holy Communion Service and the Lord Yeshua healed me of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. I remember Apostle laying his hand on my forehead praying, speaking in tongues and Apostle instructed me to start speaking in tongues. Apostle said, “Go into your tongues like your life depends on it!” My life did depend on it.

While I was speaking in tongues, I felt this need to let go and lay down to continue speaking in tongues due to the Holy Ghost taking over my body. While lying on the ground and continuing to speak in tongues, I cannot put it into words exactly how I felt however the best way to describe it was feeling very light and a weight being lifted off of me. When I was finally able to stand up on my own, I began to cry uncontrollably in the arms of my loving husband. I really can’t explain how I felt in that moment however I will say that it was indescribable in a great way. I know and believe that through the Lord Yeshua’s obedient servant Apostle/Prophet Michaelangelo Harris I have been healed of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. A few days later at Wednesday Bible Study Prophetess/ Evangelist Fern Harris explained to me what I felt when I was crying uncontrollably was being in the Lord’s presence. When she told me that, I remember thinking Wow! Being in the Lord’s presence is where I desire to be for the rest of my life.

Sister Nina

2 Jan 2022 - Today the Lord healed my right ear while receiving prayer from Apostle Harris. Back in 2005, I had a traumatic incident that caused my ear drum to rupture and bleed. At that time, the Lord did heal my ear, however, the hearing was dull and diminished. It was like I could hear at a certain distance or a certain pitch. It was much easier to hear out of my left ear. In 2018, I received a word in South Africa, that the Lord would always speak to me in my right ear. Whenever, the Lord spoke to me audibly, I would hear it predominately on my right side. Today, as Apostle was hugging me and praying, my eardrum was vibrating, and it continually got clearer and opened up. As we were speaking, it increased in clarity and volume. Thank you, Jesus, for your healing!

Evangelist Prophetess Elect Latrice

Greetings to all that are blessed to read and share about the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ, The same God yesterday, today, and forever. Hallelujah! To the Most High God. Praise, honor, and glory belongs all to you. I would like to share my testimony about the Lord's faithfulness. Earlier this year, Apostle Harris prophesied the Lord would be giving me my own place, but I would have to wait. In the meantime, the Lord blessed me with the furniture for my own place: Living room furniture, bedroom set, kitchenette table with chairs, and dishes, even a television and stand, all at no cost. In late June Apostle prophesied to me again about having my own place, describing it as a bright place with lots of sunlight shining in through the windows. He said, "By this you shall know that this is the apartment you are supposed to move into."  Then the Lord approved me for an apartment in July 2015. However, due to my circumstances I was not able to move in right away. I was instructed by the presiding officers of the ministry to move into a transitional home.

As time passed on, I didn't know what was going to happen or what I was going to do, I had no idea. Until the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "Go back to the apartment building." By now a little over two months had already passed, but I went as instructed and spoke to the same person I spoke to back in July 2015. She told me that all my paperwork was still there, and an apartment just opened. So, we went to view the apartment and it was just like the first one, except this one had all new appliances, and light from every window was shining in, as Apostle prophesied. My point is the Lord is faithful, He opened a door for me, that no man can shut. What God has for you is for you. In September 2015, I moved in. I'm thankful to have a house of prayer. The most awesome part is the Lord picked this apartment out just for me and it is most beautiful. I pray God has a blessing with your name on it! Thank you, Jesus, my Faithful Witness. EPE Latrice

Prophetess/Evangelist Harris (POTM)

All Praises be to the King of King and the Lord of Lords who have granted many of us to age so graciously. We have two testimonies of the goodness of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Recently, I experienced a serious injury to one of the muscles in my right leg (abductor longus). I sprang the muscle by not stretching prior to a strenuous activity, subsequently overextending myself. As we age, we have to spend more time caring for our bodies, and things we took for granted when we were younger, we find we can no longer take for granted. Well, the consequence of not stretching was extremely painful, nearly unbearable. When I soaked or took joint relief the pain was progressively worse. After a whole day of suffering, including the inability to walk or sleep through the night, Apostle Harris prayed for me, and immediately the next day the pain subsided. I thank God for prayer because nothing else was working. He is a faithful God whom I will continue to depend on as I age gracefully. There are many seeking pharmaceuticals for pain relief. My counsel is: Try Jesus Christ! He is a very present help, a balm in Gilead, and is very much a healer today as he was over 2,000 years ago. 3rd John verse 2 declares, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”


The second testimony is from an anonymous person who received prayer during one of the services. This person suffered from the early stages of urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, according to Phoenix Physical Therapy’s website, http//, many suffer from this physical ailment. Look at the facts:

·Of the 25 million adult Americans suffering from some form of urinary incontinence, 75 to 80% of those are women.

·Urinary Incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide.

·One in four women over age 18 experience episodes of leaking urine involuntarily.

·On average, women wait 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis for their bladder control problem(s).

·Stress urinary incontinence, the most prevalent form of incontinence among women, affects an estimated 15 million adult women in the U.S.

·About 17% of women and 16% men over 18 years old have overactive bladder (OAB) and an estimated 12.2 million adults have urge incontinence.

·Urinary Incontinence is twice as common in women as in men.

·Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are major reasons of the increased prevalence of incontinence in women as compared to men.

·Between the ages of 18 and 44, approximately 24% of women experience incontinence.

·For women over age 60, approximately 23% deal with incontinence.”

Well, we thank the Lord for the healing power of Jesus Christ. This writing is a testament that this person received a healing after receiving prayer in the service. The Lord desires us to come to him when we need a healing. He is very much concerned about our health. In the Bible, King Asa had a physical need and failed to seek the Lord for his healing. Instead, he sought the physicians and died of that disease. Second Chronicles 16:12-13 declares, “And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians. And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign.”

Jr. Deaconess Minister Elect Jayla

I would like to thank the Lord for allowing me to see a brand-new day, and for allowing me to go to Arizona and have a place of residence. I would also like to thank the Lord for bringing my mom and brothers and sisters in Christ to Arizona. I would also like to thank the Lord for allowing me to see all the astonishing places I have been to on my journey to Arizona with the Johnson family. I am so thankful for Apostle and Prophetess Harris because they have taken care of me since I was a little bitty girl, and I am also thankful for Prophet Christopher and Prophet Chrison, they have also taken care of me since I was a little girl. I would like to thank the Lord for being who he is. As you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Deaconess Minister Elect Hazel

I would like to share the blessings from the Lord that my family and I recently experienced. The Lord has blessed me with new jobs, new cars, and new places to live on numerous occasions: He has been so faithful, as the Bible declares He is! Well, this testimony is no exception! The Lord called my family and I to travel to a new land which required driving over 3,000 miles across country. The Lord had already blessed us with a new car to make the trip. However, weeks before we got on the road, I got a flat tire. I had it replaced and didn't think anything else about it. This is how the Lord is so awesome. During the trip the rear tire started shaking. We all pulled over to see what was wrong and Apostle Harris and Prophet Johnson both noticed that a lug had broken off of the tire as we were driving!

The whole tire could have fallen right off the car in the middle of the road! It's blessed because Apostle Harris had already prayed and received confirmation that there would be no problems during the cross-country trip...and there weren't any! Even after getting across country, the Lord made it clear just how blessed it was to drive our car over 3,ooo miles. You see, the car we drove is all wheel drive and it requires that all 4 tires on the car be the SAME SIZE, or it could damage the transmission and cause the car to suddenly STOP. When I had the tire replaced, it wasn't the right size like I thought, and we drove all those miles on it! Only the Lord kept our car from breaking down during the entire drive and we all arrived safely!! Also, once we got across country, when Apostle inspected the car, he saw that if left unchecked the rest of the lugs on that bad tire would have fallen off too! Thank you, Jesus, that they didn't!!! The Lord has been and is still doing so many wondrous things in my life... I will share the rest later! God Bless!

Prophetess Evangelist Reno

As I look over the many testimonies, I am so grateful for what the Lord has done for those that belong to Him and that are a part of ATcicJ. The Lord has (is) truly brought (bringing) us (me) a long way! 2015 has truly been a year of great prosperity for my daughter and me. All praise, honor, and glory to Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb. The Lord blessed us to move across the country from Michigan to Arizona. He kept the car in excellent condition during the cross-country trip. The gas mileage was excellent, the ride was smooth, there were absolutely no accidents, and we even bi-passed several storms. He also strengthened us to drive for hours at a time and not be weary in doing so. I bless the Lord continually for this trip and the beauties that we saw.

Immediately upon arrival and even on the road into Arizona, I started getting calls for job interviews. We arrived in Arizona on 1 July 2015, and I started interviewing for jobs by the 3 July. I did receive a job that ended up falling through, but it was all according to the Lord’s plan. By the end of July, the Lord blessed me with 2 jobs. Not only did he bless me with those 2 jobs, but he has even blessed me with another one just recently. The Lord is faithful in giving jobs to those that belong and stay in ATcicJ. After several months of being here and looking for apartments, the Lord led one of the sisters to look up some of the condos in a nearby city. When she told Apostle Harris, he stated he had a peace when looking at the website and a few days later, the Lord told him that we would all get approved.

After putting in our applications and submitting paperwork, some things got sent over incorrectly, some things were unable to be read when being electronically sent, it looked as if things were not going to work out. But things are not always as they seem. We all were approved and moved in at the same time. The Lord has blessed me with my first condo which I have been desiring for some time now. It has been truly a long time since I had somewhere to call my own. I would just like to bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless his HOLY NAME! He is faithful and does just what He says He will do! For He is Lord, He is Lord, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord! I can truly say that the Lord has brought me to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. He has blessed my eyes to see the beauty of his presence and the beauty of his righteousness. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.

Jr. Deaconess Minister Elect Nikole

I THANK THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD!! I desire to thank the Lord on high for his love, mercy, and grace he has given me. On the afternoon of July 1, 2015, I was standing in Arizona. To know that the Lord has moved me from Michigan to Arizona is a miracle. The Lord has blessed me with many more blessings since I have moved to Arizona. He has allowed me to be alive for thirteen years on November 4, 2015. I am thankful for all my blessings and love I have received. The Lord have provided a roof over my head, and an education for me spiritually and naturally. I would like to thank the Lord for giving me understanding in life and for him leading and guiding me for years. The Lord has blessed me with many things in my life; however, to know that he has been leading and guiding me throughout my walk is truly a blessing to me. Only the Lord knows my needs and desires in life, and he is the only one who can grant those things unto me. I would like to thank the Lord for keeping me and granting me the opportunity to do HIS will.

Prophetess Harris' Testimony

I give all praise honor and glory to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ the Messiah, Son of the Living God!! Hallelujah! On the evening of October 26, 2015, I injured the thumb on my left hand attempting to open a bottle of vegetable oil. For some reason the cap would not separate from the plastic seal around the cap. So, I applied more pressure and strength in my attempt to open the cap and some of my thumb was actually caught between the cap and the plastic seal. It hurt, but I thought nothing of it and proceeded to use a towel and my right hand to completely open the cap.

The next day, my thumb was in extreme pain and swollen so big I could not move my thumb and had no use of my hand. As the day went on my thumb got bigger and hurt more to the point where I could not hold it in a downward position. I knew the ministry would be having Healing and Prophetic Night on October 28, 2015, as we do on the last Wednesday of every month, and I could get prayer and see the Lord do a miraculous healing. Sure enough, I showed my hand to everyone in service and some looked troubled, but when Apostle Harris anointed me during the healing portion of the service, my hand began to immediately recover. Within eight hours the swelling had substantially decreased, and my hand gained strength. Later Thursday, I was able to use my thumb to touch all the other fingers on my left hand and I was also able to close my hand into a fist position. By the time Friday came, I was able to hold my purse, which is quite heavy, with my thumb. God is so awesome that in less than two days I had the full use of my hand again!! Glory to the Lord on High!!!

Apostle & Prophetess Harris' Testimony

This is another Blessed testimony to the Glory of God and the wonderous works of the Lord Jesus. In Sept of 2014 we were instructed by the Lord to take a trip to the warm climate state of Arizona. Mind you, normally our vacation state is Fla. But this time the Lord said, no, I need you to go to Arizona, for the whole time of your vacation. So, being that he had just blessed us with a newer model car. We had already said that we would drive, not knowing that he would require us to go to Arizona, so we thought, ok should we fly or drive, answer came, just drive. So, as we are planning for this cross-country drive, preparing the car for a long trip of sorts. Our departure date is closing in on us for this 5000-mile round trip. Suddenly one morning in devotion, the Lord said go and look at the tires on your car, so I did as he said, and I thought, ok, the tires are good enough to get us there and back. Knowing that after we return, I would have to replace the back tires for sure. Then he said, look at the right rear tire on your car, as I did, I notice that it had a nail in the center of the tread.

Then I thought, oh man I will have to order tires now, and that will take at least 5 days. Being that we were to leave in only 3 days, the Lord said to me do you trust me? I thought to myself, why would he ask me that, he knows already, then I answered him with, I surely trust you Lord in all things! After which he said, just drive the car like that, and I immediately just bust out laughing in my garage, knowing that this would be to his Glory. I informed my wife about what had just happen and checked the tire pressures on all of the tires. They all had about the same pressures, and so we departed on our 5000-mile round trip on the original date we had set forth to leave. Yes, I checked the tire pressures along the way and found them all to be equal in pressure. Our average speed was around 80 to 90 mph, yes with a nail in the right rear tire.

You must know scripture in order to operate in the things of the Lord! The word of God declares for whatsoever is not of faith is sin, Romans 14:23c. So, here we are in Arizona, and I'm checking the tire pressures every morning with the tires cold, and the right rear tire always had 1 pound more than the factory label. The other three had 1 pound less than the factory label, and that's the whole time that we were in Arizona for the full 14 days. How is it that He is so faithful to his word? Even, on the way back, the tire pressures were normal, as if the right rear had no nail in it! I know that someone needs to hear this. Because, in man's mind, any person in their right mind would never drive 5000 miles round trip with a nail in one of their car tires.

Heck, normally most people would change the whole set of tires for a trip like that. (But, because I have already lost my mind,) [Philippians 2:5 declares, Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,] (and gain the mind of Christ Jesus), 1st Corinthians 2:16c declares, but we have the mind of Christ, {it's too LATE!} There are even some that would buy a tire(s), just for driving around the city. But, if the Lord asks a believer if they trust him, it's always for someone else's faith building. The word of God declares, Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain, Psalm 127:1. I pray that those for which this is written will be truly edified there-by in their FAITH!!! By the way, the total number of miles driven on that tire w/nail before I changed it was 5139!

Brother Grant and Sister Angela

Greetings and God’s rich blessings to all the readers of this testimonial. [“Testimonial” – adj: 1: of, relating to, or constituting testimony 2: expressive of appreciation or esteem; -noun: 1: evidence, testimony 2a: a statement testifying to benefits received; 2b: a character reference; letter of recommendation 3: an expression of appreciation: Tribute.] MWCD 11th Ed. Let us both express our humble and praise-full appreciation for the bountiful love, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, for we have been most honored and humbled to have been blessed with the opportunity to now walk the narrow path, directed, coached and mentored by Apostle Harris, Prophetess Harris, and Prophet Christopher. For the reader of this testimonial, yes, there is much to read on this website and if you have come this far and are reading this one also, then you too must be on the journey that is responding to the voice of the Lord. Welcome! We have spent the last year and a half, experiencing a life wrenching-testing by fire, a process that we thought would be endless and without reprieve. However, as a part of this holy process, we were destined to meet Apostle Harris and Prophetess Harris and become involved with ATcicJ Ministries.

As to the “benefits received” portion of our testimonial, please understand that our journey was not focused on the monetary benefits from surrending to this website, rather we are committed to following the fundamental principles of God, as found in the Word of God, as have been explained to us by ATcicJ Ministries, and as a part of this process, we have, for the first time in our lives, been exposed to God’s fundamental principles of tithes and offerings. After our pre-ordained encounter with Apostle Harris and Prophetess Harris, this last summer, we began studying and obeying the principles as found in the Word of God, (obedience is better than sacrifice) and as a result we have been very blessed (yes, blessed with abundance, however, the word- “blessing” “– noun- . . . 2: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare” MWCD, - at times, does not do justice to describe our situation. Our “blessing(s)” is more than that “conducive to happiness”, an experience that has changed the act of believing into actually “knowing”].

Our blessings came with a promise to end our year and a half of “testing by fire” and by the entering of a glorious new chapter in our lives. We believe that the Lord has recognized our obedience and answered our prayers, pouring out blessings that are measured not only in critical life-finances but in that precious knowing that we are following the path that our Lord has set. Our tithes to the ministry have MORE than generated multiple upon multiple returns, in such amounts and at such critical times that it is more than evident that they came to us from the grace of our Lord and Savior. (- We were given a prophecy of monies arriving and they did arrive and continue to arrive at times when we desperately need them, from sources we were and were not aware of. We also had confirmation of answered prayers and answered prayers for work that we did not expect.) We are continuously stunned and awe-struck by the timing and the generosity that the Lord has continued to provide - and no, this is not a sales pitch or a careless over-statement. (We do not desire to risk offending the Lord by making any misleading or wrongful representations as to his grace and mercies.)

This is real, we are living on the front lines of faith, humbly walking the narrow path and living the measure of faith we have been given. Yes, we ARE on a real life-altering journey, with only one real choice, that is to follow Him…Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not the easy path, nor is it the wide path that has captured the hearts and minds of our current Christian society. We have been, and continue to live, on the edge of life that calls us to choose – through faith. (“Edge” is defined by us as a time when you offer to God the only “two mites” you have left to your name, the time when you have arrived at a place when you have turned everything over to the Lord and are resigned to have nothing between you and God, a time when your own yoke is no longer bearable, and you have become crushed by its weight.) Our Lord is the Truth, the Grace, the Mercy, and the Life - we choose to live by faith! Grant and Angela of Arizona.

Prophetess Evangelist Reno

All praises be to the King of Glory! I would truly like to thank the Lord for beginning the process of healing my eyes. I have been wearing glasses since I was about 16 years old. Last year Apostle prayed that the Lord would heal our eyes. I went to the eye doctor for a checkup and to get some new glasses. The doctor was amazed that my right eye had increased by 1 point and my left eye by .5. My prescription has been the same for many years and for it to get better I know it was the Lord. I thank the Lord for this healing.

Deacon/Minister Elect Blake Harvey

My testimony happened last year in September of 2013. Earlier that same year my vehicle had broken down and I was struggling to make it to church service and to my job. One morning after I got out of work, I went to a GM dealership in an attempt to purchase a new car. After meeting and submitting my information to one of the salespersons, I was told, “Because of your past credit history no bank will go near you." I left and went home. I sought the Lord on my struggle and was directed to go to a different dealership. So, another morning after work I went home to gather my information, said a prayer and claimed my blessing in the name of the Lord. I went to the other dealership (once again a GM dealership), gave my information, and was APPROVED for a brand-new metallic silver 2013 Chevy Malibu!! The detail of color is blessed because it is the same color of the car my spiritual leader Apostle/Prophet Michealangelo Harris had a vision of me driving. I learned that man uses numbers to judge others, but the God I serve is Most High and no number man could ever create or imagine could ever match or reach him. The Lord is truly a provider to his children. Amen!

Evangelist/Prophetess Elect Temeka

God Bless Saints of God! I’m here to share testimonies of the goodness of the Lord upon my life. Starting off I need to say Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I thank you Jesus, I thank you Jesus, and I thank you Jesus! He can do anything but fail when it comes to his children. Plus, I need to thank the Lord for my Spiritual Parents that have an unconditional love for me and my family, we are so blessed to have them in our lives. I have to thank the Lord for his never-ending love that he has had for me since he called me to do this great work while here on earth and for being longsuffering when it comes to me. I thank you Jesus for keeping me when I was not at my best. I thank you Jesus for being my comforter while I wait on my spouse. I thank you for being my doctor that heals me when I need to be healed, mind, body, and soul. I thank you Jesus for my household not lacking at all.

I thank you Jesus for using me in ways that is different in the eyes of man. I thank the Lord Jesus for allowing me to go back to school (Yes, I am in college! Wow! Only God could have done that!), plus helping me along the way with my schoolwork. I thank the Lord for blessing me with wonderful Spiritual Parents/Spiritual tutors that opened up their home to me to help me along the way. As well as taking time out of their busy day to assist me day in and day out with my class work, along with prayer for tests and a passing grade in all my classes. The power or prayer, God is good all the time, and yes, I did pass ALL my classes!!! I thank the Lord for my job that was prophesied to me on a healing and prophetic night we had in June 2014. The Lord used the Man of God, Apostle/Prophet M. Harris to give me a word concerning me having a job by the following Thursday depending upon me doing what I needed to do in order to receive the job the Lord had for me. So, from me believing and trusting in the Lord as well as his True Apostle/Prophet and doing my little part of the paperwork, I got the job on that Thursday that had been spoken to me by his true Apostle/Prophet M Harris. In addition, when you are doing the Lord’s will, He will provide what you need when you need it. (Besides doing the will of the Lord is so amazing to me God bless E.P.E Temeka)

Evangelist/Prophetess Elect Latrice

Greetings, to all that the Lord Jesus Christ brings to this website, that you might believe and ask, what must I do to be saved? All glory and honor to our Potentate God who is my Sovereign God full of mercy, a God that is faithful and true, a God that faileth not. I was instructed by my spiritual leader, a true Apostle/Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, Apostle/Prophet Michealangelo Harris to return to school. After 30 years of being out who would of thought I would return and attend college. Being obedient to what the Lord had spoken, I have now attended college 2 years and so excited to move forward in higher education. If the Lord is telling you to go back to school, don't worry about the money, because if God said it, he will make a way. The Word declares, “The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.” Everything belongs to God, all the money and the cattle on a thousand hills. Last semester I registered for a math class, all kinds of math from beginners, measurement system, geometry, to algebra just to name a few modules. When I started the class, I found out I was already a month behind, but my tutor Prophetess/Evangelist Harris, led by the Spirit of God, taught me what I needed to know to assist me in the class. The Word declares, he, being the Holy Spirit, will teach you all things. He helped me and even kept the doors open for me so that I may complete the class. HALLELUJAH!!! Yes, I passed the class. Now, I am moving forward in Jesus Name. Be encouraged, he is no respect of persons. What a Mighty God I serve!

Deaconess/Minister Elect Delphine

Thanks be to God! I am writing to share many of the wonderful things that the Lord has done in my life. During this season, the Lord promoted me into a new office and has been guiding me more and more on a daily basis. I greet you as Deaconess Minister Elect Delphine and would like to share what the Lord has been doing! The Lord has blessed me to continue my college education, even granting me a scholarship to attend school when there was no money available. After being guided by Prophetess Evangelist Harris, I even made the Dean’s List during the last school year! He has blessed my family to receive a new car that has all of the extras that my heart desired! We have really enjoyed having this car.

The Lord has continued to use The Apostle/Prophet and Prophetess/Evangelist of the Ministry to lead my family and me by giving us sound bible doctrine and watching for our souls through prayer and fasting. They obey the voice of the Lord and live the word daily! My family and I have been blessed with many other desires of our hearts and the Lord has met every need that we’ve had. Whether we needed food, clothing, or shelter, the Lord provided! Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what the Lord would have us to do has also been given to us freely. Most importantly, the Lord has been a protector: my family and I have received healing through the Apostle/Prophet’s prayers and have even prayed and believed the Lord for our own personal healing.

For example, my son wasn’t feeling well, with a sore throat and aches and pains; after he was anointed with oil and we prayed for his strength to be restored he was well within hours! The Lord is able to do more than we could ever think! There are so many more special things that the Lord has done. The Lord protected me and kept me from being seriously injured when I lost control of the dirt bike, I was riding one day. I was thrown from the bike and landed on the ground, face-first and several feet away from the bike. The impact was so great that it cracked the shield of the open chin helmet that I was wearing. Because of God’s grace and miraculous power, I was able to stand up without help, walk around, and even ride the bike immediately after falling. By his grace, I only received a knick on the nose! All of these things have had a major impact on my walk, and I have been encouraged to continue to learn more and more about the Lord!

Prophetess/Evangelist Reno

ALL GLORY AND HONOR TO THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD! The Lord has truly been blessing and encouraging his children. The Lord has blessed me to receive a promotion into the office of Prophetess/Evangelist on 3 August 2014. What a blessing to receive this honor. The Lord is so awesome! Not only did he bless me to receive this promotion, He also blessed me with a double portion of the Holy Spirit and new tongues. This has been a surreal experience to me because I didn’t see it coming. It was a complete surprise. I had no idea I was going to get a promotion. Not only was I not expecting a promotion this soon, I was not expecting one at all. Even now as I proofread this testimony my heart is filled with joy, my thoughts on Jesus, I feel a peace that I can't explain. I can't express the importance of having obedient Spiritual Leaders, that are led by the Lord Jesus Christ. Apostle/Prophet Michealangelo Harris is truly a true Apostle of the Lord. Prophetess/Evangelist Fern Harris is a true Woman of God. They hear the Lord's voice and move immediately on giving us instruction. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9).

Deacon/MIT Williams

After being introduced to ATcicJ Ministries by a fellow member of the ministry, I am now sitting under a true Apostle/Prophet and Prophetess/Evangelist. My life has been changed for good. I have a resolve in my life that Jesus Christ is real. I’ve been a part of ATcicJ Ministries 14 months and have accomplished things that would take a person a lifetime to accomplish. I'm talking about the teaching and knowledge that the Lord imputed in these spiritual leaders is priceless. I've gotten married, live in the Ann Arbor area, and learning how to serve the Lord by living the word of God, which is to become your lifestyle. Whoever reads this testimony, I challenge you to come visit and meet two spiritual leaders who are truly chosen of the Lord. I’m not only getting a greater measure of truth, but I'm also experiencing the greater measure of spiritual blessings.

Deaconess/MIT McCarty

I would like to share with you how the Lord used the power of prayer to physically heal me. I slipped and fell at work and was not able to move. I was carried out and rushed to emergency at the hospital, only to find that I had strained my hip, thigh, and lower back. I could not walk. The Lord had Prophetess Evangelist Harris call and pray for me over the phone. Within a few hours the pain was GONE! By the next morning I was walking again and the 3rd day I was back to work with no problems. I don’t have a regular desk job; my job is very strenuous and requires lots of walking. I give all the Glory to the Lord himself for placing such a powerful anointing on his daughter and allowing her to pray for me to be healed.

Jr. Deaconess/MIT Reno

I would like to thank the Lord for what he has done in my life and what he is going to do. I would like to thank him for allowing me to pass fourth grade. I would like to thank him for giving me a WiiU and games for it. I would also like to thank him for allowing me to go to Kalahari. The Lord also blessed me with so many clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I would also like to thank him for allowing me to have a place to lay my head. I would also like to thank him for Apostle/Prophet and Prophetess/Evangelist Harris. He also blessed me with a mom. I would like to thank the Lord for being who He is.

Junior Deacon/M.I.T Carlos

I would like to thank the lord for answering my prayers when I asked him for natural and supernatural understanding!

Junior Deacon/Minister Elect Jason

I would like to thank the lord for blessing me to pass to the tenth grade. Not only with the right requirements, but he also allowed me to get a 3.2 grade point average.

Jr. Deaconess/M.I.T. Allen

Hi! I am 11 years old. I would like to thank the Lord for his wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he blessed me with throughout the school year. Also, I would like to thank the Lord for allowing me to pass to the 7th grade. The Lord knew what I needed to pass my classes, so he provided those things to me. Second, I would like to thank the Lord for blessing me with the desires of my heart, only the Lord knew what they were, and he blessed me with them like a new bike, new clothes, and new shoes. Plus, I would like to thank the Lord for the laughter and joy that he gives to me daily. I would like to thank the Lord for what he is doing in my life, and what he has done in my life, plus what he is going to do in my life.

Head Deacon McCarty

God Bless everyone, I would just like to say Hallelujah Jesus! How awesome, how great, how powerful, how sweet is the name Jesus. My thanksgiving on today is first for the blessing of more understanding and wisdom of the things of the Lord. In just me applying myself, walking in obedience, and shewing myself approved through service to the Lord and his children, the Lord has given me a greater understanding and an increased measure of the Holy Spirit and a greater level of Tongues. This also included a promotion to that of Head Deacon for that is truly an honor to hold such a position and I thank the Lord for entrusting me to hold such a position. That was the Spiritual blessing and also the Lord blessed me naturally with one of my hearts desire's. On Wednesday 23April2014 the Lord instructed me through Apostle Harris that there was a blessing waiting on me, and it was on me to go get it. The Lord was going to bless me with a BMW motorcycle. Now a new motorcycle was always one of my hearts desires and yet I didn't think this was the season for it. So, I wasn't seeking the Lord concerning this. So, when the Lord instructed me to go see about it this came to a total shock to me, so amen. I went to the dealer that Saturday 26April2014. I inquired about the motorcycle the Lord told me about and took it for a test ride. When I came back from the test ride the salesman asked, "so would you like to see about making this yours" and I looked at him and the Lord said, " It’s Yours". So, I told the salesman lets go for it. So, I filled out the paperwork and even in the mist of that my flesh tried to rise up and put me in doubt worrying about my credit since I knew it wasn't the greatest, and yet after filling out the paperwork in a matter of minutes the Lord came through like He always does. The salesman came back and said, "You’re approved". And at that moment it seemed as if everything stopped, and I was completely speechless and the joy and excitement rushed through my body, and I was just in awe. That I was approved for a new BMW s1000rr white, blue, and red motorcycle. Yes, I said a BMW! WOW! I walked in the BMW dealership with no money down, and not the best of credit, and left out a BMW owner, all through Christ Jesus. So, in getting the remainder of the paperwork and documents needed on Friday 2May2014 I rode off with my new BMW s1000rr and all I could say is Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Prophet Christopher and Prophetess Kyra

We would first like to begin by thanking the Lord for his mercy and grace, that our family is alive and in good health, in our right minds, and continuing to serve the Lord and do HIS will. It has been a while since we have last written a testimony unto the Lord, but it does not mean he has not been moving in our lives. The Lord has done so so much for us it is hard to even begin to try and put it all down. In the past year the Lord has granted us an increase in wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and taken us to higher levels in Him. In the past year the spiritual and natural blessings that have come to our family have been tremendous. He has allowed for doors to be opened for a position with a new company (Prophet Christopher) in July of 2013, the completion of the courses required for a bachelor's degree in finance (Prophetess Kyra) in August of 2013 and we have been blessed to have our third child born in August of 2013. We would like to also thank the Lord for continuing to bless our marriage and household. He is also maturing us daily, keeping us, and using us that he may get the glory out of our lives as we move forward to carry out his will. If our testimony is an encouragement to those who read it, we pray your strength, that you keep your faith in the Lord, listen for his voice and follow Him, seek his face, get to know him, read The Word, and believe.

Teacher Lisa

ATcicJ Ministries is an Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing and Teaching Ministry and one of the gifts that the Lord has blessed our spiritual leader Apostle Harris with is for financial increase & debt removal. Last year I was struggling financially and had been told that I owed the government approximately $8,000 in taxes. Despite this, the Holy Spirit placed it upon my heart to charge on a credit card $100 as a seed offering to this website in faith. I was then led to seek out another accountant and instead of owing $8,000 - I ended up with a positive return of $12,000! That is an increase of $20,000!!! All praise honor and glory to Jesus! Only God can turn a negative into a positive! Hallelujah!

Teacher Lisa

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All praise honor and glory to His Holy Name! The very first time that I visited ATcicJ Ministries, the Lord had Apostle Harris call me out from the audience. I had significant hearing loss in both hears that required me to wear 2 hearing aids. I was healed on the spot and have never had to use them again since then. I had also later been retested by an audiologist and was told that I no longer needed them. Now - if you don't understand about hearing loss - let me enlighten you because in the natural world - this doesn't happen. Hearing loss is considered permanent and progressive because of the damage to nerve endings located within the ear. We know however, that God is the creator of all things and through Him (and in this case - God working through His servant Apostle Harris) all things are possible. Hallelujah!

Evangelist Prophetess Elect Cherise

Thanking the Lord Jesus Christ, I am so thankful for the spiritual leaders of ATcicJ Ministries Apostle Prophet Harris and Prophetess Evangelist Harris. Well, first I would like to say that if it had not been for their many prayers and labor of love, I would not be attending college right now. This was a very big step for me, because I did not think I could do it. I am forever thankful because the Lord used them to get me to the point where I have now received a 4.0 GPA. I have never received grades like this before, no not ever. I know this is only because the Lord has placed me somewhere where I could truly grow spiritually and naturally. Apostle and Prophetess prophesied that I would excel in school, and I do. I am also thankful for all the many prayers from my husband and the brethren concerning school.

Evangelist Prophetess Elect Cherise

My thanksgiving testimony is that on May 28, 2014, I was given a prophecy that in 14 days I would receive a job. Well, within 14 days I received a few job offers. Every time the man of God, Apostle Harris, has prophesied to me about getting a job the Lord Jesus has always watched over his word and made sure it came to pass. Thank you, Jesus!

Evangelist Prophetess Elect Reno

All praises be to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! This is Evangelist Prophetess Elect Reno, and I would like to thank the Lord for all the wonderful things that He has done in my life thus far. First, I would like to thank the Lord for granting me the opportunity to see another year in 2014. This year has been so blessed. I thank the Lord that I have obedient Spiritual Leaders that care for my soul. I have received several jobs this year because of the obedience of Apostle/Prophet Harris listening to the Holy Spirit. Each place he has told me to apply, I have received the job. Because of the obedience of Prophetess/Evangelist Harris I have received my associate degree in Liberal Arts after many, many years of college. I have been blessed to have an intelligent daughter who graduated the fourth grade with a 4.0 GPA with nothing but good reports from her teachers. The Lord is a glorious God who cares about his children!

Prophet D. Alexander

Greetings from the Lord Jesus Christ! After being unemployed for several months, I was given instructions by Apostle Harris where to apply for a job. I immediately followed and believed what the Lord said and applied. I was diligent and made sure that I followed the exact instructions from the Lord as where and when to apply for a job, because jobs are hard to come by today. Within two weeks, I received a call and was hired. I don't think you heard me! I was offered a job over the phone after my phone interview. Normally, you have a phone interview then they decide to bring you in for two or more face-to-face interviews, but the Lord moved on my behalf and sped up the process. I was hired the next week. What an AWESOME God we serve! It's a personal thing! It's just part one of my testimony and thanksgiving to the Lord. 

I needed a car in order to get work, because of my work schedule. So, the Lord again moved on my behalf. Apostle Harris told me the Lord made provision for a car and I was given specific instructions concerning what type of car even down to the color and price. The Lord led me to the right car and person, which made the difference, cause when you follow and believe his instructions you will never go wrong. Well, my wife and I sowed a car into someone's life in the ministry and then the Lord provided me with another car when I needed it, which is BLESSED! I don't think you heard me. The Lord put it on someone's heart outside the ministry to give me finances to purchase the car that He would have for me in this season. Don't tell me the Lord is not good to me! Thank you, Jesus!

Deaconess Minister Elect Elizabeth

Hello and God bless, this is Deaconess Minister/Elect Elizabeth. I pray the person reading this is having a blessed day! First and foremost, I must repent and ask forgiveness from the Lord, as well as the reader for my lack of diligence concerning the matter of giving testimonies of the Lord's Power in my life. There is nothing better than the Love of Christ and I don't desire for anyone to not receive the edification, exhortation, or encouragement needed from my testimonies because I was slow in sharing them. Please forgive me. Since the last time I wrote, about a year and a half ago, the Lord has truly shown forth His Power in my life! I first desire to thank the Lord for allowing me to turn 25 in Dec of 2013, and also for allowing me to transition into the New Year safely!

I also thank the Lord for blessing me with the opportunity to take a trip to Arizona in Dec of 2013, and for granting me safe travels. I've always desired to see the sights and enjoy life, and I thank Him for granting me the opportunity to do just that! Also, I thank the Lord for continuing to help me in school and giving me professors who understand the needs of their students and are willing to help as much as they can! Furthermore, I desire to thank the Lord for blessing me with a job in my field of study! Also, I thank the Lord for His faithfulness because the way the job came about was blessed. I received a Word of the Lord, from His Apostle Harris, that I was to receive a job within two weeks from the day I got the Word. Those two weeks came and went, and after applying where I was instructed by the Lord, I hadn't heard anything back from the company. I began to inquire of the Lord concerning the job because I know His Word is True, and He informed me that man had been prolonging the process. This was on a Thurs., so after seeking Him I was instructed to apply somewhere else, and I did immediately. I received an email from the new company the following Sat. for an interview on Mon., went to the interview, got hired the same day, and started three days later! Hallelujah!! The Lord's Will prevailed! Glory be to God! And yet there is still more.

In March of 2014, I received a letter in the mail from an old place of employment, desiring for me to come in for a grievance meeting based on the way they terminated me. I was instructed to go to the meeting by the Lord and I went in obedience. The company told me they desired to give me my job back, but they wouldn't pay me any money for the time I was off. Once the meeting was over, the Lord told me that they would call me three weeks from the date of the meeting, and not only offer me my job back, but they would offer me some finances as well. Low and behold, three weeks past and I received a call from them stating that I had my job back and I was to receive some finances for my time off! Oh my God! My mind was completely blown! Two blessings in the forms of jobs in the span of 3 months?! My mind is still blown!

I also desire to thank the Lord especially for the spiritual blessings I have received since I've been in Him. I literally feel and know that scales have come off my eyes, and I am able to understand things spiritually that I have never been able to! I am in blessed health, my right mind, and have an opportunity to serve the Lord. There is nothing more I could even think to ask for. The love that the Lord has shown me, has created a tremendous change in my life! It has broken things off of my life that I believed I would always be cursed with, and for that I owe my entire being to Him. He is what I have been searching for my entire life, the void I felt has been filled, and my heart has been made whole! Thank You Jesus!!! All glory, honor, and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for His love, long-suffering, grace, and mercy that endures forever!! He is truly my Provider!

Evangelist Prophetess Elect Latrice

Salutations! My faithful and true witness the Lord Jesus Christ. The one and only true living God that sees, hears, speaks, and knows all things. All honor and glory belong to him. The Lord spoke a word through my spiritual leader, a true Apostle/Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ that he was going to give me a job at a specific company. Believing the word that was spoken through Apostle/Prophet Harris, I followed and within a month I received a call that I got the job I desired. What an awesome God I serve! I pray in the name of Jesus, the saints who read this testimony will increase in faith, believe, and be SAVED! In love.

Prophet Johnson

Greetings Brethren,

I am writing you in reference to some of the things the Lord has been doing in the life of me and my family. For starters, the Lord has made a way for me and my wife to get our 3rd home. This home is the largest home we have thus had and the Lord has taken several steps to ensure that we are treated extremely well. My landlord has made several upgrades to this already nice home, upgraded our appliances, as well as paid out of his own pockets any deposits required to furnish our home with utilities. He also has renovated the entire front yard to my wife's liking even down to the type of trees and plants she desired, as well as modified the backyard so that my daughters will have their own play area, aside from our own grill and patio area.

I also have to say the Lord instructed me to attend a particular institution to obtain my bachelor’s degree, and from day one it seemed like an uphill battle. Tuition prices were too high, and I wasn't being awarded enough financial aid, ultimately leading to the Lord giving me the option to attend a different school. I stuck to what He originally told me to do and ended up getting my tuition discounted for my entire tenure at the school as well as a substantial increase in my financial aid which includes a $6,000 scholarship that I will receive yearly until I complete my program.

Another way the Lord has moved on my behalf was during the trip from one state to another. We had booked a hotel room at a resort to rest during our trip. For starters they gave us a free night at our check in. Then, they gave us a penthouse room for not having a sleep number bed in our room, finally giving us dinner on the resort, and not charging us for our stay at all.

Finally, up until now, the Lord has blessed us with a $5,000 sleep number bed, brand new, with home delivery and setup all for 50% off. This is the MLE bed, which is the most expensive bed they offer, but we caught a 48-hour sale. I will continually keep you updated.

God bless you

Deacon/M.I.T. McCarty

Hello, first off, I would like to give all honor and glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has done. I thank you Jesus for all the blessings you've blessed me with thus far in life. My testimony today is to thank the Lord for the place he has me in right now and for the directions and guidance he has given me. In May 2012 the Lord called me to fulfill the calling upon my life. This is when he brought me to ATcicJ Ministries, the day my life changed forever for the good. Being at ATcicJ the Lord has granted me understanding knowledge and wisdom and true salvation. The Lord has removed the blindfolds from my eyes and released me from the bondage of the world. I have received the power of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. The Lord has shown me the spiritual side of things and the truth.

In my walk in the Lord, coming up on being one year saved, the Lord has moved tremendously upon my life. In surrendering my life and soul to Jesus I have received many blessings. First off, the Lord blessed me with a beautiful wife and shortly after blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. Also, the Lord promoted me to a minister in training (MIT). Then in March 2013 I was promoted into the office of a Deacon/MIT. The Lord granted and blessed me with the opportunity and honor to minister to His children, He entrusted me to speak thus saith the Lord and that truly is an honor to have God use me in such a way to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and be free in Christ. Wow! 

All of that in less than a year. Wow! God is truly amazing and great! Not to mention all the abundance of joy and love He has placed in my life.

I was walking and living my life blind and in ignorance. I was walking that broad path that only leads to destruction. Then God had mercy on me and by grace the Lord saved me and led me to walk this straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. So, I thank you Lord for calling me and choosing me and directing my footsteps and I ask and pray that Lord you continue to guide me and help me be the servant you have called me to be with a sincere heart.

Deaconess/Min.-Elect Elizabeth

Greetings and Salutations, this is Deaconess Min.-Elect Elizabeth Hart and I give all glory, honor, and praise to Jesus!!! I truly desire to thank the Lord for His everlasting love and kindness that has been shown to me since I gave my life to Him. Words simply cannot express the feelings that overtake me when I sit and reflect on what He has done, delivered me from, and desires to do in my life. It has been on my heart to write a testimony because these last two years of my life have been extraordinary! I give complete glory to the Lord for that! Since giving my life to the Lord in Feb of 2011, the blessings He has bestowed upon me have been beyond measure and surpassed my imagination!

He has saw fit to bless me with jobs, a vehicle, sustained finances, and good grades in college. Above all though, the understanding, wisdom, and revelation He has given me continues to blow my mind every day! He has opened my eyes (spiritually) in a way that I never thought possible and that is what I am most thankful for. All my life I always wondered why I stood out from the crowd, and He has used these last two years to show me why. I never thought in a million years that I was going to be living my life for Jesus, let alone actually being blessed to minister His Word through His Holy Ghost! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Hallelujah!!! I encourage anyone reading this to get up and praise God right now! Wherever you are just give Him the highest praise because He is Awesome!!! Bless His Holy Name!!!

Before I end this testimony, I desire to thank God for blessing me to see my 24th year in Dec 2012, and for granting me a safe, blessed transition into the new year! I look forward to continuing growth in the Lord and however He sees fit to use me! I pray that He blesses whoever reads this and that you know for a surety He is a Great God!!! God Bless!!! 2 Corinth 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a NEW CREATURE: old things are passed away; behold, ALL THINGS are become new."

Deaconess/M.I.T. Delphine

I have read in the bible to live and prosper every day. I now understand just how important it is to seek Him daily for instruction and guidance. The Lord has also kept sickness and death from our home! The Lord miraculously eliminated debts that were supposed to be due, but The Lord caused the charges to be reversed. He even added credits to some of my accounts. The Lord has given us finances to sow into ATcicJ Ministries and the Man and Woman of God lives. The Lord has granted me success in my college classes and given me understanding to pass my exams. The Lord has blessed the young men in our household to speak, act and do what the bible declares over their lives, and they are prospering at home and in school!!! The Lord has brought joy and laughter back into my life. I'm excited that He predestinated me for what He has me doing RIGHT NOW. I am excited to be led by the Lord and I am thankful and grateful for EVERYTHING that He has done! I cannot give Jesus enough praise or smile enough when I think about Him or dance enough when I am filled with joy about how He SAVED me!!! Be encouraged! All things are possible with The Lord Jesus Christ (Mt. 19:25d-26).

Evangelist Reno

Six years ago, the Lord moved me out of an apartment, and I left owing several thousand dollars. For six years, I have been going back and forth with the collection agency trying to get this debt settled. Finally, I was speaking with the woman, and she noticed a charge that was random and out of place. She flagged the charge and sent it to her manager. The manager called the apartment community and they let him know that they over-charged me. This released a couple thousand dollars off the debt. God is so good and merciful. He did everything in his timing, and I thank Him for it.

Evangelist C. Alexander

Giving thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to live and see another year. The good Lord allowed my husband to take me on a trip to Niagara Falls to celebrate my birthday! This was my first trip to Niagara Falls; it was beautiful, and it was more than I could have ever imagined. I had a wonderful time. I thank the Lord for allowing me to experience Niagara Falls with my husband. Again, thank you Jesus!!!

Prophet D. and Evangelist C. Alexander

Giving all thanks, praise, glory, and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for loving us, taking care of us, and always providing for us. Thank you, Jesus! We are yet learning not to take anything that the Lord does for us at all for granted. We first would like to thank the Lord for allowing me, Evangelist Cherise, to be saved now for 8 years. I know the Lord Jesus has truly kept me and I love you Jesus for keeping me. Second, my husband and I would like to thank the Lord Jesus for our first year of marriage; we celebrated our first anniversary July 22. We give all thanks to the Lord for keeping us and strengthening us in our marriage covenant, and for allowing us to spend a few days in Toronto enjoying our time with one another. We had a wonderful time there. Again, thank you Jesus! We also, thank the Lord for much needed finances he blessed us with. We in return were able to be a blessing to His Kingdom and in doing that we were able to go on a family vacation to Tampa, Florida, Busch Gardens, and Clear Water Beach. We had a wonderful time! We really enjoyed ourselves, thank you Jesus.

Prophet Johnson

Salutations, I’m writing regarding some of the blessings the Lord has done for me and my family thus far this year. For starters, The Lord opened a door in February of this year for me and my wife to now apply for our passports together, which will open up greater doors for us to be used by the Lord. Also, in the month of February the Lord blessed my household with a nice sized income tax refund. The Lord has also blessed me to square away some challenging debts. Moving along in the year, during the month of March, The Lord blessed me with a full-time job to replace the part time job I received late in 2011, with a pay increase. Jumping forward to the month of May, the Lord blessed me and my household with a ranch style-home that was just built in May 2012; our costs to move in were extremely low, with delayed monthly payments for two months to follow. Then in June, the Lord also blessed me with a career-job with full benefits.

In addition, my wife and I both are in college, which is a testimony for my wife because she has been out of school for almost two years. Last but not least, the Lord has been taking care of my daughter who is healthy and has been developing at an extraordinary rate, despite the negative things a doctor said to my wife about her birth weight while she was pregnant. I know there are some things that I missed, but when the Lord brings them back to my remembrance, I will upload them to the website to give Jesus the glory. Blessed the name of Jesus! Amen.

Prophetess Sarice

My testimony is how the Lord blessed me to lose weight. After the birth of our 3rd child, I desired to be a smaller healthier size from the size 13-14 I was in. Not knowing that the Lord was going to have the Apostle tell me "The Lord said whatever size you desire to be he's going to bless you to be that size". I immediately started to lose weight even though it wasn't as quick as I would have liked. However, I continued to remind God that he said he would bless me to lose weight. Some days were harder than others because I would crave chocolate, cookies, ice cream and all those things that you shouldn't just sit up and eat all the time. Anyway it wasn't until after the birth of our fourth child, a baby boy, now 9 months that the Lord allowed the weight to completely come off.

I give all glory to God because I know how difficult it is to lose weight, and even more difficult sometimes after having children. I really hadn't been exercising, just running around with the children so it wasn't exercising that caused me to lose the weight. I know God did it for me. My family is amazed by how much weight I've lost and always asks how I did it. I tell them over and over it was God and not me. I wasn't on any special diet, although God has delivered me from eating chocolate all the time. Every once in a while, I'll have some, but not every day as before. He’s shown me how to eat in moderation and eat healthier. Currently I'm in between a size 9 and 10. I know the Lord did this because the anointing on the Man of God's life and the ministry. Also, when you give through the website it opens supernatural doors and God can do all manner of things for you. Thank you, Lord, for being faithful.

Deaconess/M.I.T. Hart

It has been a while since I have written a testimony on here, and I would like to start by sincerely repenting for my slothfulness in this matter! The last time I wrote I was a Minister In Training just beginning to truly learn about the God I serve, learning to really fully trust Him and lean on Him in every situation! Since then I have been promoted to a Deaconess with Minister In Training status and I thank God for deeming me fit to be an officer in His kingdom!!

The Lord has truly been and continuing to bless me beyond my imagination! In a little over a years time, I have been promoted twice, gained a deeper revelation of God and His Word, obtained and held down a job, brought up my GPA in college, gotten a new vehicle, and I am continuously strengthening my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I never knew that I would be where I am today because I didn't believe that I was worthy of anything in life.

The Lord has delivered me from low self esteem issues and I am finally starting to realize that I am a beautiful creation of God! I also thank God for the healing I received recently. On two separate occasions I was prayed over by Apostle Harris, whom the Lord has blessed with anointing of healing, for my eyesight and a horrible skin problem on my feet. Going into the healing I had already made up in my mind that God was going to heal me and He did! Soon after I was prayed over my eyesight immediately started to get better! When the Apostle was praying over me I could feel heat on my eyes and an electric type of feeling in the nerves in my eyes, and when I opened my eyes I could see things that I hadn't been able to see before. I usually wasn't able to see things that were afar off but after the healing everything started to become clearer than ever!

Also, when I received prayer for my feet, I could feel heat on my feet. Recently, I was at home and playing my video game, when the Lord told me to look down at my feet. In my obedience, I did so, and I immediately said Thank You Jesus! My feet had gone back to their normal state! I just desire to thank God for everything He has done, will do, and desires to do in my life! The Bible declares in Psalms 126:5 "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy." That scripture truly speaks to my heart because only the Lord knows how many tears, I've cried in my 23 years of living.

I thank Him for bringing me out of my sin, loving me, and never leaving me. There is no other love like the Love of God because He is Love! Oh Jesus! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me an opportunity to get to know You! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Deaconess/M.I.T. Lewis

Glory to God in the highest!!!!! I am grateful to be able to share the wonderful things that God has allowed to happen to my family and I since the Lord called my family to ATcicJ Ministries. Our lives have been changed!

Before being called to ATcicJ, I was praying earnestly for the Lord to show me more of Him and to give me a greater understanding of what my life was supposed to be like; how I should live for Him. We were faithfully attending a different church, worshiping the Lord and praying. I also fasted a little bit at that time, but without a full understanding of what the bible declared about fasting. I continued to pray for the Lord to show me the way I was called to live for Him; I believed there was more to receive from the Lord than what we were getting where we were.

The Lord saw that I was getting serious about seeking Him and I received confirmation from the men and women of God that he sent to tell me about where our family should be. After receiving words about being called to ATcicJ Ministries, we were brought out of the former church in a mighty way! The last Sunday at our former church, we arrived on time for intercessory prayer and went to the door, waiting to get in. We knocked and knocked. We knocked repeatedly and received no answer from inside. The door was locked. My sons and I walked back to our car and sat for a moment. I tried to get someone to come to the door once more and after no one came; I got back in our car and drove away frustrated and confused. At that moment I felt like I was disappointing the Lord by not getting into the church and I also grew concerned about what we were to do.

I drove two blocks and pulled over and began to pray and cry. I remember asking the Lord, “help us, Lord, and show us where to go. We can’t just go home and I’m not moving until you show us where to go.” Instantly, the Lord showed me the face of one of the blessed women of God that he had placed before us and told us to call her. I urgently dialed her number and got excited when she answered. Through my tears, I explained what happened and asked for directions to ATcicJ! We drove 35 miles to get there and when we got there the door was WIDE OPEN. We have been attending ATcicJ ever since. That was over a year ago this past April. All honor and praise belongs to God for what He has done in our lives! My sons are now saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues.

Household salvation is the greatest gift God has given us. I now know the sin that I was operating in before, receiving God’s grace and mercy and the change in me has been awesome. God has healed me physically and spiritually through the Man of God Apostle Prophet Michealangelo Harris and his wife Prophetess Evangelist Fern Yvette Harris!

The herniated discs, head injuries, and challenged eyesight I had have ALL been healed in the name of Jesus. During the healing of my eyes, I felt the nerves behind my eyes heating up and being restored! Now I can focus on objects that are close-up without pain in my eyes! Hallelujah!

I also have seen a wonderful change in my household, being blessed to receive what thus saith the Lord about how to build up my house and not tear it down. The Ministry of W.o.M.a.N has challenged me to strive to please God in my home by serving Him in how I clean up our house, serve my children and stand on the word of God to keep things decent and in order! My way wasn’t working – thank God His way is the perfect way! To see spiritual leaders that not only teach the truth but live it as well is something that I had only experienced sporadically, not on a consistent basis. It is true that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL that we can ask or think and I am glad for God’s love for us when He led our family to ATcicJ! The blessings haven’t stopped, though!

The Lord recently blessed us with a beautiful car that is exactly what we needed. The Lord is also moving us forward by blessing us with the things we need on a daily basis (food, shelter, encouragement from other believers and teaching from the word of God) and challenging us to do all things with the spirit of excellence, which glorifies God. The Lord has blessed our family in our education as well. The Lord opened doors for my return to college and has revealed to me what area I am supposed to get my degree in. School for my children has been blessed and in a safe environment, thanks to the Lord. There are so many things to thank the Lord for! I get JOY thinking about what he’s done for me and my family! I am grateful for the truth and the gift of salvation that I have received through ATcicJ Ministries!

Evangelist R. Reno

I donated to the ATcicJ Ministries website in March 2012 and the Lord increased my daughter and I financially. We have received steady finances which should continue. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ! He knows what I have need of before I even ask.

Evangelist Cherise

My testimony and thanksgiving is that the Lord Jesus Christ blessed my husband and me with a BMW-X5. We received a prophecy from Apostle Harris that the Lord said it was time to go get the BMW he desired to give me. So, stepping out in faith, my husband and I went all over town, and even out of town trying to get approved for this SUV for about 6 months. Everyone kept turning us down because of credit issues. We had some dealerships tell us they could get us in a car, but not the BMW-X5. They even said we needed to lower our standards because there would be no way the bank would approve the loan. We kept on believing what the Lord said he would do.

Finally, we surrendered finances to the ministry’s website. After we surrendered the finances, the Lord told my husband where to go. Within a week of surrendering to the Ministry’s website, the Lord Jesus Christ opened up a door for me to receive the BMW-X5, which is something I had desired for a long time. The Lord said He would bless me with it and He did. They came down on the price, they give us a warranty, and they threw in lots of things at no cost to us. We thank the Lord Jesus for always being faithful.

Evangelist Reno

I must give my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ all the praise, honor, and glory due his name. The Lord has granted me understanding. I still find it amazing that I can hear his voice. He has opened my eyes to the truth concerning many things. I love that the Lord saw fit to warn me of things to come. He has mercy on me daily. He has given me a job that I have been working at for almost four years. During those years I have been working the midnight shift. Being in ministry, trying to go to school, taking care of a child, and serving others left little time to get proper rest. Sometimes only sleeping 2 hours a day or even less, I was constantly praying for the opportunity to get on the day shift. Thank you, Jesus, he heard my prayers and was attentive to them. I am currently working the day shift.

Prophetess Richardson

Greetings, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! For a long time I couldn't get any type of credit. I stopped applying because I got tired of getting turned down. This came from not being responsible, being late and/or not paying bills. Now, I had decided prior to coming to ATcicJ Ministries that I was going to be more responsible by paying bills on time and being a good steward over my finances and what the Lord blessed me with. In the meantime, I still couldn't get any type of credit cards even though I started trying to pay my bills off. The Lord told me to give an offering to the ATcicJ Ministries donation webpage. Even though it was less than $100, it was enough for my situation to change immediately.

I remember praying one day for the Lord to grant me another opportunity to re-establish my credit so I could be a blessing to his children. I also prayed to have the wisdom and knowledge to do what is right and be responsible. Possibilities to re-establish my credit started coming in the mail within two weeks of giving my offering. I knew this was the Lord answering my prayer. I am still receiving credit offers in the mail to where I have to tear or cut them up. Remember, I said, I asked the Lord to give me wisdom to be a good steward over his blessings and he is doing just that. I give all glory to God because if it wasn't for giving an offering to the ATcicJ Ministries donation webpage the Lord would not have moved on my behalf. Thank you ,Lord, for your favor and your seven-fold blessings. God Bless!

Deaconess/Min. Elect Temeka

Hello, I am Deaconess Minister Elect Temeka. First, I’d like to say God is good all the time and he is the one true living God. The Lord has been blessing me and my children, since he led us to ATcicJ; I know it was his will for our life. Amen! We thank him for that daily. The Lord has placed some wonderful people in my life, which I call my new family! I thank God for everyone in ATcicJ. I am about to cry just telling you about my family. They are the most caring people in the world, and this is a family that speaks the truth, that keeps it real, just so you won't go to hell. I never knew any man or woman of God that give their last and don't complain about it. ATcicJ Ministries is full of the Holy Ghost and my personal family is being blessed just by being in their family. I can’t see from all the tears, and I am really crying about my blessed family that I have and Love.

Since the beginning of 2010 the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful part time job that I know came from the Lord because there were no jobs out there. At the time, in the midst of working, the Lord has paid my bills that were over thousands of dollars, supernaturally. Come on now people! Don't tell me that there is no God. The Lord has kept my family safe while living in Detroit from all the madness that goes on there. Glory goes to God! He is worthy to be praised! Amen. Also, the Lord led me to a college where, in due time, I will get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Studies. I can't wait! Over the years the Lord has worked more love and joy in my life for other people, as well as for myself, he has taught me how to love myself and to get prepared for my husband. He has placed the most loving Christian woman in my life to show me how it truly is in a Godly marriage; and that too was a blessing from God. I can't stop thanking the Lord for all that he has done in my family’s life. I could be writing here all day because he blessed me to wake up every day, which is a blessing as well. God bless you and always put God first.

M.I.T. Elizabeth

My name is MIT Elizabeth and I desired to write a thanksgiving message to the Lord. I love the Lord with ALL of my heart, and He is continually showing His love for me, to me, every day of my life. Recently, I desired to give extra finances towards forwarding His kingdom, and I did so without hesitation or thought of 'bills'. My rent was due on the 1st of Jan 2012, and I was short some funds. I called the rental office and informed them I would be late, and that I was more than willing to pay the late fee. Normally, my half of rent is $352, and the late fee would have brought the total to $427. I was scheduled to pay on the 5th of Jan, and I did so on that date. I called the rental office to get my total, in order to put the accurate amount on a money order, and the lady told me that my total was $304. The Lord not only erased the late fee, but He also lowered my 'normal' rental payment. God is amazing! I was and STILL am blown away, not just by that specific instance, but EVERYTHING that the Lord is capable and WILLING to do. I know that if I stay on the path, He has laid for me, I will never 'want' for anything. Psalms 23:1 "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." The Lord's word will NOT come back to Him void. All I have to do is ENDURE and that is what I WILL do! Amen! Thank you, Jesus!

Deaconess/Min. Elect Johnson

Since coming to ATcicJ Ministries my life has changed tremendously. It's hard to believe that nearly two years ago I was living a life full of sin, vanity, and lust. My daily "ritual" consisted of smoking, partying, fornicating, and gossiping. I was lost and headed down the wrong path. I should have died in my sins/ temporary insanity, but the Lord Jesus saw fit to allow me to live; so instead he spared my life in exchange for his divine and perfect will. In May of 2010 I was reunited with what I would like to call an old acquaintance. Little did I know that he would soon be the love of my life, my divine connection. 

The Lord sent a man that I would have never even given the time of day to if it had been up to me. Now this man was not what I was searching for, yet he turned out to be exactly what I needed. Shortly after my divine connection arrived drastic changes started to occur in my life. I started to change the way that I felt about myself and even who I had grown to be as a woman.

My mindset was beginning to be transformed! For me the transformation was sparked by this man; he spake with such authority and conviction, he even held fast to his belief in Jesus Christ the Messiah and the power of his name. 

For this reason, I can truly say I was intrigued and left craving more of what he had (the Holy Ghost). I spent countless hours listening to this man speak of the Lord and he even took me to scripture and showed me how God felt and feels about sin. This man cared for my soul and by this I knew he was to be my husband. In June of 2010 the Lord allowed us to be wed one to another and we haven't looked back since. The Lord has blessed us to have a beautiful baby girl whom we welcomed into the world in September 2011, he also blessed us with numerous jobs, finances, favour, and most of all his Holy Spirit. This message would be totally different had I not yielded to Gods plan for my life.


So, I am more than convinced that I would not be here if it weren't for my husband and his obedience to God. I am ever so thankful for my spiritual family who are yet and still helping me to continue in the process that has already begun to take place in my life. The Lord spared me, and he CAN and WILL do the same for YOU if YOU ALLOW HIM FREE REIGN IN YOUR LIFE!!! May charity and endurance be unto you always, your sister in Christ Jesus!

Deaconess/M.I.T. Lewis' Testimony

Hello, I am excited to be able to share the goodness, grace and mercy that God has shown to me and my family. Before being called to ATcicJ Ministries I was not living a life of peace. Stress, doubt, and confusion overwhelmed me, and it affected the way my children were being cared for. There was always lack, even though I had a great paying job with an above average level of authority.

All the material things that our household had couldn't erase the emptiness I felt. Receiving the truth at ATcicJ has blessed my family and I!!! I cannot tell all the things God has allowed to happen in our lives. I have learned that the truth can only be found in the Bible and that "so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God," Rom 10:17. To even know the promises of God can be found encourages me to seek the answers through prayer, reading the Bible, and fasting.

The teachings at ATcicJ comes straight from Gods word without tradition and error added to it. Tradition and not teaching is what hurt my family and I in the past. To receive guidance from the Holy Ghost in all areas of my life has been an awesome thing. I see it as the best gift ever!!!!!! I thank God for where he brought us from and thank Him even more for where He has predestinated us to be!!!! Thank you, Abba Father!!!

M.I.T. Hart's Testimony

My name is M.I.T. Hart, and I am writing this because God has been SO GOOD to me in my life! I have been a member of ATcicJ Ministries since Feb of 2011, and since I've become a member God has COMPLETELY changed my life! I used to be homosexual, which was something I struggled with daily, and after coming to Christ sincerely and with ALL my heart, He has DELIVERED me from those SPIRITS that had me BOUND! I have stopped smoking, drinking, fornicating, and the Lord has even blessed me to be able to mend my relationship with my parents.

A couple months ago, the Lord saw fit to promote me to Minister in Training status in ATcicJ Ministries, and I cannot stop thanking Him for it! I have gained an increased measure of understanding, wisdom, and knowledge since I started attending ATcicJ, and it has been a continual blessing. Before I became a member, I was a part of a ministry that did not promote members and was not interested in helping anyone meet their calling. I did not believe in the power of tongues, the Holy Ghost, laying of hands, or even what a calling was. The Lord has TRULY opened my eyes tremendously and I owe Him my life for it!

There were many times when I was in the world, that I could have been killed, but He kept me through it all because of His love for me! I have been blessed beyond my imagination in so many ways. He put it on my heart to donate to the website, and since then He has blessed me with a whole new wardrobe, finances, a new job, and a greater measure of understanding. Also, I have been blessed with the opportunity to bring forth teaching through the Holy Ghost in me, and that is an awesome thing!

My life will continue to be a testimony to the Lord because without Him I would be nowhere! I dedicate my life to glorify His name because NOTHING in my life makes me happier! My favorite scripture is II Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." That very scripture is the perfect explanation of my life because I am a NEW person because of my relationship with the Lord and His unconditional love for me!

Prophet Johnson's Testimony

Greetings! My name is Prophet Johnson and I have come a long way since the last testimony that I gave as Deacon Johnson. The Lord has blessed me in so many different ways that this testimonial cannot contain all that He has done. For starters he has blessed me with a beautiful wife and daughter just in the past 2 years. In addition to that, He has blessed me and my wife with employment, (outside of the fast-food industry), which is something that I consider to be a blessing in this day and age. The Good Lord has also continued to provide for me and my family. We have not lacked anything, whether monetary, spiritual, or physical, seeing how as we are all in perfect health.

My daughter had some type of fungal infection on her tongue and the doctors prescribed something to treat it, but it was to no avail. Then the Lord gave me a vision of myself praying over her mouth every day without the use of the prescription, and within a week or so her tongue has fully cleared up. The lord has also blessed me to excel in my studies at school and I currently have a 3.5 grade point average, which is really good considering I am in full time ministry, I am working, and I am a full-time dad, and husband.

The last, but not least, thing that I am most grateful for, is the one thing that changed my life and was the fuel for the aforementioned blessings above in this testimony. Not only am a full-time minister, but the Lord has chosen me to be His Prophet, and that alone is an honor and a blessing, seeing how most ministers can't expound on what capacity they are as ministers, or they are just operating below what they are called to be. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!!!

Prophetess Richardson's Testimony

Greetings, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since becoming a part of ATcicJ Ministries the Lord has done many great things. The Lord has saved my husband who is now a faithful Deacon Minister Elect in the ministry. He has allowed us to get our vows renewed by a true Apostle, a man of God, who is married to an anointed woman of God. This was important to us because we desired the same anointing on their marriage to be on ours, which has truly been a blessing to us.

The Lord has blessed us and added two handsome boys to the family of two beautiful girls that we had previously. Isn't God good and I personally thank God for his favor, because only God can bless with children. The Lord has been so good to me, after the birth of our youngest son, now three months old, the Lord kept my mind. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, I never was depressed, not one day, or felt like giving up, killing myself, or hurting the baby, and I owe it all to God. Oh, thank you Lord Jesus for keeping me.

Even then the Lord would allow my spiritual leaders to call and encourage me to make sure all was well. Oh, what a blessing; everyone doesn't get that personal care like here at ATcicJ and I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the prayers from my spiritual leaders and my church family.

The Lord is continuing to mature me in the fivefold office that he has called me to. He is allowing me to know who I am in Him, and I have the freedom to operate in the fullness of Christ. Also being taught how to always consider and reverence the things of God. IF I had ten thousand tongues, I still couldn't thank him enough for what he has done and is doing in my life. I give him all glory, honor and praise. God Bless, Prophetess Richardson.

Prophet C. Johnson's Testimony

Hello, this is Prophet C. Johnson, 2nd chair Prophet and 1st Officer in ATcicJ Ministries. I’m writing you all today testifying to how great the Lord Jesus Christ moves in ATcicJ Ministries, as well as my life. The year 2011 has been a busy year for me and even more so in the previous few months. The reasoning behind this is simply the Lord Jesus Christ and His goodness towards me.

At the end of the year of 2010 the Lord declared through His Prophetess (Prophetess Fern Y. Harris; P.O.T.M.) that the year 2011 would be “a year of increase in ATcicJ Ministries, despite the risk." This year has been everything and then some, more than expected for those apart of ATcicJ, as well as in my life. As the Lord's Word is True so was the increase in my life for the year 2011.

I began recognizing the Lords Increase and blessings instantly and His increase became prevalent before all to see. He began blessing me with an unfathomable increased amount of wisdom, revelation, knowledge, and understanding of His Word and the things of God. With the spiritual blessings come the natural as well, and they came indeed.

The Lord supplied all of my needs and began to bless me with finances (without a job) on a regular basis and on top of that, multiple credit cards to go with the finances (without missing any payments). He didn’t stop there, as this was just the beginning. In August, the Lord blessed me with my Beautiful and Lovely Wife, and a 2-year-old daughter, and a Career position (not a job) in a growing company where I’m already on the cusp of my 1st promotion in the first five months. All of that in just one month (the 1st fifteen days to be exact). I know, take some time to catch your breath (I’m still trying to catch mine).

The Lord didn’t stop there. In fact, He blew my mind once again by blessing me with a 2006 Audi with 72,000 miles on it (maybe it's used to you, but it was new to me), with only a $300 down payment, and financing for 14.32% APR.

Oh, trust Jesus, that’s just the beginning of that story. I drove that car around for a little over a month for completely free until I gave it back to the dealership because of some “complications” (Jesus) with the financing, oh and they gave me my $300 dollars back too. Now I know you're thinking, “But, you don’t have a car now”. Let me finish the testimony. Three days before I gave the car back the Lord blessed me with a certified pre-owned 2009 Audi (if the 06 was new to me, imagine what this one is) with only 46,000 miles on it, no money down, and financing for 1.9% APR. Now I must ask, how often does that happen? Oh, I almost forgot, they paid my first month's payment and I have a 100,000 mile warranty as well.

The Lord Jesus has increased me daily and it's evident unto me and others for my good and His Glory. I thank my Personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ more than daily, not only for the blessings and increase, but just life in general and everything that comes with it (that includes the good and bad) because I know that it all works for my good and His Glory.

This is a testament to God's goodness as well as His presence in the ATcicJ Ministries, because bottom line if He wasn’t in our Ministry leading and guiding our every thought, tongue, and steps, miracles like these would be unknown to His Body and the world. I am so careful every day to give Jesus all the Praise, Honor, and Glory as well as Magnify His Precious, Wonderful, and Holy Name. God Bless.

Head Deacon Alexander's Testimony

I was given a prophecy at the end of 2010, concerning "an increase" in my life in the year 2011. Well, God's Word came true. Within two months I received a job that has opened up a door for more increase in my household after being unemployed for 3 years. Not only that, but God also allowed me to find my wife who loves me and my children unconditionally. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me!

Evangelist Reno's Testimony

I was without a vehicle for quite a while. Tax time came and I saved up a couple thousand to purchase a car. When the time came, the Lord instructed me to surrender the money to the ministry and to a sister in Christ. Several months later, the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to purchase a 2004 Honda Accord. The dealership did about $1500 of work on the car and took the price down a significant amount. The Lord has been so good to me and my daughter. I thank Him for all He has done and what He is going to do. This experience has shown me that what the Lord has in store for me is greater than anything I can ever imagine. Thank you, Jesus!

Deaconess/M.I.T. Kyra's Testimony

My name is Kyra, and I am a Deaconess/Minister in Training in ATcicJ Ministries. I am so thankful to the Lord that I am even alive to be able to write about all that he has done for me and for the opportunity to have my eyes opened to all of the truth of His Living Word. I don’t even know where to begin to explain all of the things that the Lord has blessed me with since I made up in my mind to truly serve Him.

Being in church for almost all of my 21 years on this earth I have never received the revelation and knowledge that I have gotten while attending ATcicJ. In the other ministries I was never encouraged to have a relationship with Jesus for myself, or read my Bible, or even to apply the word to my life I was just going to church just to go. I never really understood what the real purpose of my attendance was, or even what those words being spoken over the pulpit really meant. I never knew Jesus Christ and everything that he did for me to live.

After visiting ATcicJ Ministries in December of 2010, I knew that it was different from all of the other ministries I had attended. There was so much wisdom and knowledge inside of the spiritual leaders AND members it was almost hard to believe. After making up in my mind that I desired to try Christ Jesus, and I mean truly seek His Face, my life hasn’t been the same since. After attending ATcicJ Ministries for a few months I began to hear from the Lord and receive clarity and understanding of The Word. This was a new experience for me as I began to read my Bible more and search out the scriptures and teachings on my own.

After being instructed to do 15 minutes of Devotion to the Lord I became consistent with it, and I began to hear his voice more clearly. I remember one day in June of 2011, sitting in my prayer closet and reading about how the Lord moved on the children of Israel’s behalf and I asked him to move mightily in my life. The next day I was called for a job that I didn’t even apply for and was hired on the spot. If that wasn’t enough to get my attention this was only the beginning.

By July I met a wonderful man of God and in August I was married. I returned back to school in September and am continuing to pursue a degree in finance. I am in good health, in my right mind and serving the Lord with a strong desire to only get closer to Jesus and be pleasing in his sight.

It was prophesied to me around my second time visiting the ministry by Apostle Harris, of ATcicJ Ministries, that something would happen to me that would have me serving the Lord for the rest of my life. Over the past year there have been so many reasons why I Will serve the Lord that I couldn’t even begin to list them all. The only thing that I can do is say thank you Jesus and I hope that my testimony will be encouraging to someone else to seek the Lord Jesus Christ and receive true salvation through Him.

Deaconess/M.I.T. Lewis' Testimony

I would like to give thanks to God for the many things He has done in my life! One great blessing I would like to share is that He blessed me with a job! I had been praying to the Lord for several months about returning to work but had not shared my prayers with anyone. Praise God that I am in an Apostolic ministry where the Lord speaks through our spiritual leaders!

When God gave instructions through Apostle Harris to go and apply at a specific company, which told me several times they were not hiring, I went and applied anyway because I trusted and believed what God said. The Apostle told me, "When the Lord says go apply because they are hiring, believe what the Lord is saying and go apply." Only ten days after applying I am excited to share that I was hired and am working the shift that I desired to work! God sent me to receive my job and I received it! All glory to God!

Deaconess/M.I.T. Latrice's Testimony

First of all, I would like to thank my Lord and personal Savior Jesus Christ for saving me!!! Realizing all this time he had a purpose for my life, breaking the spirit of religion and tradition off of my life; being brought with a price, there is freedom in Christ. I thank God for the spirit of truth, it will truly make you free. There are so many things to be thankful for in Christ. Just to share this testimony is a blessing.

My Lord and Savior put it on my heart to give to the ATcicJ ministries website. He told me the exact amount to donate and to believe in his word. Following his instructions, I received a check in the mail for $430.00 dollars. It was much more in what he asked me to donate. To God be the Glory! God is not a man that he shall lie (Nu. 23:19)! Thy word is truth (Jn. 17:17b)!

Evangelist Alexander's Testimony

My name is Evangelist Alexander and I’m a disciple of ATcicJ Ministries. I’m writing to give the Lord Jesus all the glory for all the wonderful things He has done for me this year. First, he blessed me with a husband, not just any husband but my Divine Connection. Thank you, Jesus! I also have been blessed to have gain three little ones. My husband and I are blessed to have spiritual leaders that love and support us; we thank the Lord for them and for all the ways they allow themselves to be used to help others. We thank the Lord for allowing us to go on a wonderful honeymoon; thank you Jesus for my horse and carriage ride with my husband. We also got to enjoy a family vacation where I got to know my in-laws.

I thank the Lord because I surrendered to ATcicJ Ministry’s website and have received a huge blessing. For weeks my espoused husband and I were trying to figure out how we were going to get my father in town for our wedding so that he could walk me down the aisle. Finally, the Lord instructed me to give to the ministry website; I did and within a couple of hours somebody called to give us an airplane ticket. Not only did he give us a plane ticket, the Lord also granted me a brand-new wedding dress. Now get this, the other part to that blessing is I also had been looking for a wedding dress for a long time; so long that I was just tired of looking. I prayed that the Lord would provide me with a wedding dress. Then one day I was sitting and thinking what I thought was the impossible. I thought within myself, Lord it would be great if I could find a dress for $50.00, then I went on with my day.

The Lord had Apostle Harris call me and instruct me where to go for the dress. Listening to the Apostle’s instruction, let me just say “Hallelujah thank you Jesus” I got 90% off. When I tried on the dress, I did not know the price and I immediately fell in love with it. While I was waiting on the sales lady, I was wondering what the price of the wedding dress was going to be. As soon as she walked up, she said, "That’s your dress, that dress was made for you." I asked, “What is the price of the dress?” When she told me how much I almost fell out. Then she told me the original price. All one could say is “Oh my God, oh my God”. We then realized the dress did not need any alterations. However, she told me to bring the dress back one week before the wedding so they could clean and press it for free. Thank you, Jesus!

Deacon/M.I.T. Blake's Testimony

Thank you, dear Lord Jesus! I have had many great blessings come to me since joining your ministry. Before I became a member of ATcicJ Ministries, I was a man who was enslaved by my own understanding of things. If something didn't make sense to my carnal mind, I wouldn't accept it. Now, I know that it's not what I see or understand that brings spiritual growth. It's faith that brings growth. Ever since I laid down the burdens of my own mind and began to walk in faith and humility in the Lord I have been blessed. When I first came to the ministry, I lived in a house that could have been considered condemned. I was also selling illegal substances to keep bills and living expenses paid. When I came to ATcicJ I stopped selling and just worked the job I had at the time, making $7.50 an hour. Things at times got extremely rough, but in faith I handled all matters.

After walking in faith and not returning to my own vomit of drug dealing the Lord blessed me! I was blessed with a new house (that I own) in a better neighborhood and with cheaper living expenses! Six months later I was called back to my job after a 2yr lay-off! I now make more than double what I made previously. The blessings of the Most High have been great and I give him all glory and praise!!

I thank you Lord for how your voice comes through my spiritual Leaders Apostle and Prophetess Harris to shepherd me in faith and spiritual excellence. I have been blessed with an increase in wisdom and understanding of spiritual things since becoming a part of your ministry ATcicJ dear Lord. I thank you Lord, and in a diligent manner shall I continue to seek you and spread your glory to your flocks. Amen.

Sister Richardson's Testimony

Greetings in the name of Jesus! Jesus allowed an answer to come through the written Word or prophetic Word of God.

It's good to know that God still has laborers in the vineyard that are for real. They don’t mind teaching you the Word of God, taking time out to make sure you get it. They’re encouraging, loving, genuine servants of God. They don’t only teach the Word of God; they require you to read and know the Word for yourself. They teach: It’s not about them, but the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everyone at the ministry has been a blessing to me and my family. From the beginning they have treated us like we were part of the ministry even before we had become members. We really feel the love of Christ when we worship.

The only other thing for me to say, even though the Lord Jesus has done so much more since becoming a disciple of the ministry, is you have to come and experience the move of God working through the ministry for yourself.

Yours in Christ,

Evangelist C. Martin's Testimony

The Lord Jesus Christ has done many miracles for me. I call it miracles because that’s what it is, and I can’t possibly tell it all in one writing.

1. I will start with him saving me from the fiery pits of hell.

2. The Lord opened my eyes to the truth and opened my heart to understand, the knowledge needed to receive it all and the love to keep me going.

3. He has healed me of a terrible sickness. One that almost cost me my life.

4. The Lord has healed my children of broken and fractured bones, and a sprained ankle.

5. The Lord has used Prophetess Harris to assist me with getting my G.E.D. and now I am a college student.

6. He has given me a good job with good pay and benefits. I also have been promoted twice, which was Prophesied by Apostle M. Harris.

7. The Lord has supernaturally moved on my behalf with a car; he has supernaturally paid my bills; I have had judges throw out traffic tickets; and the Lord has supernaturally put gas in my car. He has also moved on a lot of people’s hearts to help me.

8. God has showed up so much for me in so many ways, that it just doesn’t seem real. I still sometimes think I am dreaming.

9. The Lord has put me in a ministry where my leaders truly care about me. Since I have been in this ministry I have operated in spiritual things, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the gift of tongues, and the gift of faith. I have been hearing the voice of the Lord for myself. I have stepped out in faith and saw God move for me and others around me.

The things I have experienced, seen, and felt are priceless since I have been a part of the ATcicJ Ministries.

Sister Temeka's Testimony

"How my testimony makes me smile "

All my testimonies make me smile when I go from a partier to a sister, or a curser to a prayer of the Lord.

All my testimonies make me smile when I haven’t had any income since 2006 and all my bills are paid, and my house is paid in full.

All my testimonies make me smile when all my children are now on the honor roll and receive whatever they pray for.

Oh! How all my testimonies make me smile, people give me things or money, whatever the Lord puts on their hearts, and they think it’s from them. No, it’s my testimony from the Lord and that makes me smile.

When I’m wrong and I can repent and get it right, now that’s a testimony and that will make you smile.

And the only testimony that makes me smile the most is my salvation and love that the Lord gave to me.

I’m still smiling and won’t stop because I have plenty more testimonies to come to make me smile. Now when you turn your life over to Jesus you will have a testimony as I do to make you smile too.

Head Deacon Christopher's Testimony

Greetings from ATcicJ Ministries,

This is Head Deacon Christopher of the ATcicJ Ministries, and I write to you giving my testimony of the things that the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life since being a member of ATcicJ.

First, I would like to thank Jesus for allowing me the opportunity to share some of these things with you. Before I started attending ATcicJ Ministries I had a one-way ticket to hell, but the Lord Jesus Christ is sovereign and had other plans for me.

The Lord instructed the Apostle to let me know that I would find provision for my life in ATcicJ Ministries, for the Lord would provide for me there and all I had to do was be obedient to the Lord’s command and come to the ministry. Since being part of ATcicJ the Lord has blessed me an innumerable number of times.

The main blessing, I would like to share is: Before I started attending the ATcicJ Ministries I tried to play basketball my whole life; trying out for my high school team and not making it; and not even being allowed to try out for the basketball team during my first 2 years of college. However, I noticed as soon as I was obedient to the Lord’s command through the Apostle, and I started attending ATcicJ Ministries, the Lord opened a door (not even 2 months later) to where I could play junior college basketball for Henry Ford Community College (HFCC). After playing for HFCC for 2 years, I earned All State and Region honors.

Also, when the Apostle came for me, I was flunking out of college and a long way away from earning a degree, but the Lord changed this situation around and I not only prospered in basketball at HFCC, but I obtained an associate degree. Thirdly, since I am a cheerful giver who gives more than required, the Lord has blessed me with a full scholarship from a university (where I’m currently attending).

Fourthly, the Lord also provided a way for me to pay off numerous bills that totaled in the thousands without the aid of a job.

Fifthly, when I came to the ministry, I didn’t have transportation. I currently have my second car since being part of ATcicJ Ministries.

The Lord Jesus Christ has opened my eyes, ears, and mouth to the deeper things of His Kingdom. I understand the bible with a deeper wisdom and revelation concerning the scriptures. I could never read the bible (I hated reading the bible) let alone understand it and now it is my favorite book to read. I have my heavenly language and the Lord speaks to me daily. I now walk and operate in the Five-Fold Ministry gifts by way of the Holy Ghost in which the Lord allows me to do. I never did any of these things before.

The Lord promoted me to Deacon and now Head Deacon, when I never thought, I was called to do anything in or for His Kingdom. He has completely shaped and molded me into a new creature and is yet still shaping and molding me. He saw fit and chose to have mercy and save a very wicked young man (myself) and do His great and mighty work in this world through me. This testimony is just a speck of sand of the great things that the Lord Jesus Christ has done, is doing, and what He’s going to do in my life. If he can love, save, and use me, then I know He can do the same for you. 

God Bless You,

Deacon Johnson's Testimony

Greetings from the ATcicJ ministries, I am Deacon Johnson, and since I have joined this ministry, the Lord has been moving on my behalf. He has blessed me with multiple employment opportunities, as well as numerous financial blessings.

The Lord Jesus has made His presence known in my life, defying all naysayer’s, doubters, and unbelieving individuals in my life. He has blessed me with my driver’s license, as well as a High School equivalency Diploma. All these things, small to some, yet large cornerstones in my life, have been ushered in by the words of the Lord through His Apostle, Michealangelo Harris.

When I was thirteen, I was shot in the leg with a high-powered assault rifle, and the bullet was lodged in my leg. I was told that it would be too risky to operate, so Apostle Harris prayed for me and the Lord Jesus Miraculously removed the bullet from my leg. I can account for many different experiences that the Lord Jesus has brought me through but no book in this earth can contain these awesome things.

I remember while I was in High school, I received a prophecy from the Lord, and He told me that I will finish High school. Now to many this may seem like a small or menial prophecy, but the Lord knew what my future held, so he was giving me encouragement ahead of time. Apostle has told us over and over that prophecies serve as bridges over troubled waters.

When I was 15, I was living in a condemned house, but even when I was at my weakest state, the Lord Jesus still moved on my behalf and constantly provided for me. I would go days without eating, even though I wasn’t complaining, the Lord still sent people my way to bless me with finances and food.

A couple of years later, I was in the process of going to Job Corps, when I tore a Ligament in my right ankle. My ankle began to swell, and I lost all feeling in my ankle. My uncle was so distraught about my injury that he called Prophetess on numerous occasions. Apostle and Prophetess were out of town doing the Lord's work, still having faith and operating in the principles placed before us, Prophetess prayed and within 24 hours I was able to walk. All the pain was gone, and my ankle returned to normal size. Since then, I have yet to have any complications with my right ankle.

Deacon/M.I.T. Alexander's Testimony

1.) Firstly, my 6-year-old daughter received salvation this past summer on June 10, 09 and was baptized shortly afterwards in Jesus' name because the Lord gave her the understanding.

2.) Lastly, my 2-year-old son Xavier was told he did not need any surgery on his feet, like the orthopedic surgeon had initially said.

Apostle & Prophetess Harris' Testimony

This is a testimony to the glory of God, and his tender everlasting mercies. In Sept. of 09, my wife and I took a 3,100 mile road trip to south Florida. To have what we thought would be a nice and simple little vacation time to ourselves. I remember in prayer one morning, the Lord said that he had sent his angels before us to prepare the way. I thought to myself, he had not told me that in a long time. For we travel a lot, so certain things are already prayed for in advance. Whether we fly or drive, we trust that the Lord will watch over us, and he truly does.

On the drive toward Tallahassee, Fla. the flow of traffic was between 75 and 90 mph, and we came into what is called a cluster of cars on the road and so I began to look for an exit out of that cluster, when all of a sudden, there was a piece of round metal lying in our path as I was changing lanes. The piece of metal, which would hit the front of the car and hopefully fly off to the right side as my wife and I thought it would, actually got stuck in the sidewall of the right front tire, cutting into it severely and then moving onto the flat section of the tire that touches the roadway, once again cutting into the surface and gouging out a large chunk of rubber. In all of this the tire did not go flat!

Bless the Name of Jesus, thank God for the Blood! We stopped for gas shortly after that, I checked the car to see if all was well, the cut in the side/top of the tires was undetectable at the time. So, we continued our travel, and it was a Blessing.

There was a young woman, that we anointed into the Five-fold office of Prophetess. I thought, even on many of our vacation trips this often happens, this is our way of life amen Lord. So, we returned to our home, and the Lord had me to inspect the tires again, only to overlook, what I should have found earlier, which was that piece of round a/c duct stuck in the front part of the car's right fender. In all of that the Lord kept us from having an accident or losing control of the car at that speed. He even kept the tire from going flat and causing us problems while on vacation. We are so glad that we serve the one true living God. Bless the name of Jesus!

Minister Elect Reno's Testimony

Several months ago, my five-year-old daughter had repented of her sins and confessed Christ Jesus as her Lord and Saviour being baptized in Jesus' name. That in itself is a wonderful testimony, however, the day before the baptism, she was burnt by a hot straightening comb on her left hand. It was a 2nd degree burn on the inside of her hand that went across her palm. After being water baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in ATcicJ Ministries she was miraculously healed. PRAISE GOD!!!!! There is no scar on her hand, which the doctor said, there would be a remaining scar and that she would have a tender touch. Even before the healing had actually occurred, she had minimal pain in her palm.

Deacon/M.I.T. Alexander's Testimony

First, I would like to thank and praise the Lord Jesus for just being so good to me. Amen!

It was prophesied earlier this year to me by Apostle & Prophetess Harris that if I did what the Lord had instructed me to do in ATcicJ Ministries he would show up on my behalf. As I was given a specific test by the Lord and because of my faithfulness in obedience in certain things, those things that were promised to me, they have begun to come to pass.

First, I was given a test of helping a member of the Ministry with learning how to drive and pass her driving test. I finished the test, and the Lord provided me with an opportunity to go back to college to obtain my master's degree. He opened a door that would be closed normally, not even being possible to pursue to any type of master's degree. Providing the finances and favor with the college to enroll immediately and smoothly, it all happened so quickly, I was totally amazed! Thank You Jesus!!!

Secondly, the Lord Jesus promoted me to a Deacon with Minister in Training status, and he placed me over the transportation Ministry. Again, because of my faithfulness and obedience in this matter. The Lord then opened my understanding pertaining to the word of God, specifically to operating in the Fivefold Ministry offices. Allowing me to see how the spiritual realm operates for myself firsthand, preparing me for my Fivefold office.

Lastly, the Lord said that if I delighted myself in him, he would give me the desires of my heart. I had a very special desire of him, one concerning living in a certain area, one that only he could fulfill. As of this writing, it has been totally fulfilled by the Lord Jesus himself. I know that he's real! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

Minister in Training Temeka's Testimony

My first testimony is: The Lord has blessed my two young sons, ages 9 and 11 years old, to repent of their sins and confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. After being baptized in water in Jesus' name, they received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. To top this off, one day when my sons and I were praying at home, I laid my hands on their stomachs and the gift of tongues increased in them even more after about 15-20 minutes of praying. They were also promoted to Jr. Deacons in the ATcicJ Ministries this year.

My second testimony is: my nephew was recently ill with a fever over 100 degrees. My sister took him to the doctor, and they gave him some medication to take, and she asked me to give it to him while she was at work, but I didn’t. I started praying over my nephew and I asked the Lord to take away the fever and the infection. After about 30-40 minutes, my nephew was up and playing again and I never gave him any of the medicine. Only my faith and my trust in the Lord healed my nephew. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of healing you have blessed me with. And to the reader of this testimony, if you get on the Lord’s team, he will also bless you with some gifts of the Holy Spirit so that he can get the glory out of your life too. The Lord Jesus also saw fit to promote me to a Minister in Training this year.

My last testimony is I never thought that I would ever get my driver’s license. I was the kind of person that didn’t care about driving. I would walk, take the bus or just stay at home and never go anywhere. To be honest, I was afraid of the other people and how they drove, but God took that fear out of me, and I told Him I needed to learn how to drive. I took driver’s lessons from a Deacon in the Ministry, and he taught me all that I needed to know to pass the driver’s test and I passed it with the grace of God on my side. I’m no longer afraid of the people and how they drive, and the Lord showed me if I have faith in him, that he will do the rest. Man! The Lord Jesus is a loving, powerful and understanding Lord. He made me new and the new me is very caring, happy, joyful, understanding, and enjoying life. Even when things look bad in my eyes, they look good in the Lord’s eyes.

Deaconess/M.I.T. Richardson's Testimony

Greetings!! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since becoming a member of ATcicJ Ministries in Feb. of 09 the Lord has blessed us tremendously. Recently the Lord performed a miracle for me and my family. I took our two-year-old daughter to a major University Medical hospital in an area near us, for what I really thought was simple dehydration and they ended up keeping her because they said she had some type of virus. They said she had the symptoms that could be the Kawasaki disease, or the adenol virus. The doctors really couldn't figure out what she had. They said OKAY, we will be keeping her for observation to further test and investigate what it could be. The Lord used the Apostle and Prophetess, and the saints of the ATcicJ Ministries to pray the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous.

The condition of our daughter was becoming worst as time passed on. It was the beginning of the third week before the Lord allowed the Apostle to even come to the hospital. After the which the Lord instructed the Apostle to make a hospital visit to our daughter to lay hands on her that the Holy Spirit may heal her of whatever they may have thought she had, after prayer and the laying on of hands, anointing her with oil, her condition quickly improved, and she ended up being in the hospital for only three weeks. Yeah, you may think this is long, but it's just a short moment compared to the other young children who had been in there for one, two, and even three months at a time. While she was yet still in the hospital the Lord spoke thru the apostle and said within fourteen days that our daughter would be back to normal and used prophetess to pray that God would strengthen her heart and give her back a burst of energy and that we, my husband and I would NOT be able to keep up with her. These prophecies were very important because our daughter still needed some physical and occupational therapy from being sedated, so I thought as the doctors had said, and from being on all the medication, and being confined to the bed for so long.

Well, her fourteen days was up on the 14th of January, and she is climbing, jumping, and running, talking, and playing like never before. She had an appointment to get PT/OT but, God has healed our baby and now her appointment is just to go and get evaluated. Even though I didn't like the prayer that the Lord had given prophetess to pray concerning my husband and I NOT being able to keep up with her because all I could think about was her being very busy. I'm grateful for the Lord using the Apostle and Prophetess because it helped to work some things out of me, and to work something in me. Yes, Patience! The most important thing I have realized was the Lord healed our baby and she can run all she desires, because at least she's out of the hospital with life, good health and strength. The Lord honored the prayers of the apostle and prophetess of ATcicJ Ministries. To God be the glory for the miracle he has performed for me and my family. Thank you and Amen Jesus!

M.I.T. Temeka's Testimony

How God Loves his children. I thank you Lord for watching over me and my children and for keeping us warm. While my furnace had stopped working, one of the deacons in the ministry had a handyman come by to repair the furnace, but in truth he took it apart and did not replace the parts which he had taken off. He also had broken the main gas valve/pipe assembly and tried to use putty to repair the leak. A week went by, and the man never came back. About this time the Lord instructed me to go down into my basement and check the furnace out, at this time I smelled what seem to be gas. So, I called the deacon that had hire the man. He then called a professional heating expert to look at the furnace. He said to me that God must truly love us, yes and I asked why, and he said because we had a serious gas leak! He said had someone not called him, there could have been an explosion in my basement, and my children and I could have died!!! This is in the dead of winter of 2010 in Michigan. I also informed the Apostle, and he prayed that the Lord would supernaturally keep me and my children warm until the problem was solved.

He, the Lord also instructed me exactly how to block off any unneeded areas of my house to save on warming unused areas. But, what the Lord does best is caring for and loving on his children. Now, if I didn't know the Lord and if he had not called me to salvation, I truly know that me and mine would not be here anymore, because I would have never got to know about the leak if the Lord had not instructed me to go down to my basement and check like I did. Thank you, Lord Jesus, thank you Lord Jesus, I truly Love you Lord, you are the best thing that ever happen to Me, you are the BEST!!!!! 

Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. John 4:22