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ATcicJ Ministries Bookstore

Welcome to our bookstore. We are not a retail organization, yet we are thankful to offer our books and CD's. 

All who order books from our website will receive an autographed copy with a personalized Prophetic Word of the Lord Jesus.

If you are ordering a book as a gift for someone else, please add the name of the book recipient.

If you do not desire a personalized book, please state NONE in the "Name of Book Recipient" box.

Otherwise, the book will be personalized to the one placing the order.

Select quantity then "add to cart" to purchase. Next, look for the shopping cart on the right and checkout. Thank you for your purchase!

Called of God at 264 km/h (165 mph)!

Called of God at 264 km/h (165 mph)!

Called of God at 264 km/h (165) is a must-read for those seeking to understand the supernatural calling of God upon their lives. The Lord Jesus Christ called Apostle Prophet Michealangelo Harris to the Ministry of the Apostolic & Prophetic by way of the supernatural to shake him to his core! While driving on the Schnell Strasse B-27 in Germany the Lord Jesus spoke from Heaven, "You will Live the first half of YOUR life unto YOUR SELF, But the SECOND HALF you will LIVE unto ME!"

For detailed book information, see the Synopsis of Books Page on this website.

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Return Policy

ATcicJ Ministries is not a retail organization. Therefore, we do not accept returns. All sales are final.

Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. John 4:22